Bath tops list of best cities to live outside London

29 Apr 2014

With a recent survey listing Bath as the most desirable urban place to live outside London, we take a look at what it is that attracts people from the capital.

A better pace of life

Bath has so much to offer for those looking for city living, but at a less frenetic pace. The architecture of the City and the surrounding countryside provide a beautiful backdrop. The Theatre Royal offers many West End previews (without West End prices) there are a wealth of food, music, arts and literary festivals to enjoy throughout the year.

Charlie Taylor of Knight Frank in Bath says: “What I love most about this area is that Bath is such an easy place to live; it is really a village within a city. There is so much green space and it’s just the nicest place to bring up a family.”

A new commuter belt?

The electrification of the train line to London, taking place this summer, will lead to reduced travel times, which will make central London even more accessible for those who need to be there for work.

We are seeing more and more families moving to Bath and the surrounding area, often with at least one half of the couple continuing to work in London.

Rebecca and Colin Wagstaffe, who moved to Bath with their family 3 years ago, both still work in London. “Even though we have the commute, which at times can be a drag, we really feel that we are giving our family a better life than we could have done in London.

“Our children go to amazing schools and we have a much larger home for the same price as the house we sold in London. Bath still has enough culture and shopping for us to feel we are not out in the sticks, but the pace of life is a world away from London and gives us a better work life balance.”

Best in Class

When it comes to education, Bath offers a huge choice, both in the state and independent sector, and this is another factor in its growing popularity. Many of the state schools are rated outstanding by Ofsted and the thriving independent sector means that these schools are continually improving their offer.

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